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Four Bandits, a Nurse, and an Island Girl Walk into a Post Office…

Holy mother of Corona Batman!!! The Tavernier Post Office was about to be robbed by four bandits and a nurse! 
Home Gym

‘Social Distancing,’ a strange, new reality

Coronalog, Island Date: Thursday, March 19, 2020 Good. I have a nice glow of pain about my muscles.

‘School’ begins, Rebekah in the Keys takes on a new cause in CoronaEra

Coronalog Islandate: Sunday, April 5 Wednesday was the first day of distance learning for our students. We had about 96%...

Doctor’s Office? Nope. No Way. No How.

Hell's to the NO! That's what my brain thought. Of course, that's not what came out of my mouth....

If I can smell your armpits, you’re too close

Coronalog, Island Date: Tuesday, March 24 Two days until teachers go back to work. I got an e-mail that encouraged...

It’s Official, Morning Showers Postponed Until August

It's 7 a.m. on Sunday, April 19. I've slept a little later than I wanted today. Then I pick up my phone...

A Key West Ghost Town, A Strange Last Week of School, Bracing for What’s...

Last weekend, Jim and I drove our cars to Key West. We were just going to go there and walk around before...

My yard comes to life

Coronalog Islandate: Monday, March 30 My chickens don’t seem to like wild birds in the yard. When ever a cardinal...

Mother Earth, Provider of Everything from Toilet Paper to Mayonnaise Ingredients

My 8-year-old neighbor informed me today (from 6-plus-feet away) that it is Earth Day. I didn't check my calendar (they have become...

Two Weeks Until Locals-Only Era Ends in the Keys

So it's official. The roadblock restricting access to the Florida Keys is coming down on June 1. I guess it is about...

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