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Saturday, October 31, 2020


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Saying Goodbye to My Seniors, Who Received a Well-Deserved ‘Break’

Today I said goodbye to my six English Language Learners (ELL) seniors. How strange it has been... we left for spring break...

Two Weeks Until Locals-Only Era Ends in the Keys

So it's official. The roadblock restricting access to the Florida Keys is coming down on June 1. I guess it is about...

Venturing to a Restaurant for First Time Since March

It's a rainy Mother's Day in the Keys. I look out the window and feel a little stuck, not from quarantine at...

A Message to Graduating Seniors

I am so happy that our community will be honoring our graduating seniors in a variety of ways, including signs posted throughout...


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29 Chills. Aches. Coughing. My temperature was over 101. Yup, this is it,...

Honoring the 2020 Superheroes, Chastising the CoronaVillains on Superhero Day!

Today is Superhero Day, a day to honor our superheroes, both real and fictional, and a day I didn't know about until...

Doctor’s Office? Nope. No Way. No How.

Hell's to the NO! That's what my brain thought. Of course, that's not what came out of my mouth....

Mother Earth, Provider of Everything from Toilet Paper to Mayonnaise Ingredients

My 8-year-old neighbor informed me today (from 6-plus-feet away) that it is Earth Day. I didn't check my calendar (they have become...

It’s Official, Morning Showers Postponed Until August

It's 7 a.m. on Sunday, April 19. I've slept a little later than I wanted today. Then I pick up my phone...

‘Phasing In’ Explained Florida Style

With the stimulus money flying in and out of our bank accounts as fast as a winged-mammalian virus out of China, Trump...

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