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SBDC Business Lawyer Talks About Available Federal Funds


Kristi Kozubal, a business growth team manager for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Michigan, is a business lawyer and manages a really interesting team of consultants who help second-stage businesses grow, pivot, transition and innovate. In addition to this video, she adds, “We provide free, confidential consulting & education to small business owners and we’re basically the “economic front line” of the coronavirus crisis for the SBA in the rollout of the CARES Act stimulus programs. Florida SBDC is http://floridasbdc.org/disaster/ and the office serving Miami-Dade and Monroe County is at FIU (305) 779-9230 | sbdc@fiu.edu . “We have shifted our focus from helping people start new businesses and manage their growth to spending 95% of our time helping small business owners access & understand emergency relief funding. The CARES Act is a phenomenal piece of legislation in the amount of dollars Congress is attempting to get into economic circulation but the bureaucratic, compliance-obsessed institutions that are charged with executing the Act simply did not have the capacity or agility to implement the programs with the speed that Congress expected. Also, the Act was passed with such haste that there were a million questions left unanswered and certain provisions which actually undermine others, such as the expansion of unemployment – that almost completely erases the effectiveness of the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) for businesses like restaurants and small manufacturers whose employees are making more money on unemployment than they were making at work. Also, there are new regulations arising at the state level that control the way businesses can re-open: what benefits or protections they have to provide to their employees, how they have to reconfigure their space, and so on. So we’re keeping up on the changes to-the-minute and helping business owners navigate their options.”