Fish, trees, and water: three of my favorite nature stuffs.

My 8-year-old neighbor informed me today (from 6-plus-feet away) that it is Earth Day. I didn’t check my calendar (they have become obsolete in the past five weeks), but I’m going to trust the little bearer of my only source of neighborhood gossip. So, since it is supposedly Earth Day, I thought I’d write a blog today to thank Mother Earth for 10 of my favorite things that have come from nature. 

  1. Trees. I like trees. They are the essential ingredient in toilet paper. We recently acquired some toilet paper at a local store. (I will not divulge which one, so don’t even ask.) Plus, I like coconuts. Coconuts come from trees. Thank you, Mother Earth, for trees. 
  2. Oxygen. Not only is it available like… everywhere in the world above water for FREE, even behind a COVID-19 mask, but it is an essential component in my next gratitude. Thank you, Mother Earth, for oxygen.
  3. Water. What a cool state of matter! You can drink it. You can get clean with it. And, my favorite, you can float on it in a boat with a fishing pole, which actually ties in nicely to the next thing that I’m thankful for. Thank you, Mother Nature, for water. 
  4. Fish. Fish are like one of the coolest animals in the world. It’s like you can be snorkeling and say, “Wow, look at all of Mother Nature’s diverse art swimming around us! I’m hungry. Let’s eat one,” and it’s OK (unless the fish are in a no-take zone, which means you have the additional challenge of luring them away from the area). And that means you don’t have to go into CoronaWorld for groceries. Thank you, Mother Earth, for fish. 
  5. Sunshine. Well, I guess that’s Mother Universe’s creation. So maybe this gratitude should go hand-in-hand with being thankful for the atmosphere that allows us to get just enough rays for a tan but not too much to turn our skin into fried chicken. Anyone who knows me knows that I am solar powered. The sun makes me happy. The heat from the sun makes me happy. Thank you, Mother Earth, for sunshine. And the atmosphere. 
  6. Furry and feathery animals. My chickens and bunnies make me so happy. Even the ones that don’t like me very much. Thank you, Mother Earth, for adorable furry and feathery animals. 
  7. Mountains. I like hiking in the mountains when I visit states out west. Plus, they give us good metaphors for overcoming challenges. I appreciate that as an English teacher. Thank you, Mother Earth, for mountains.
  8. The ingredients that go into mayonnaise. I don’t really think that mayonnaise grows in the wild (I don’t know, maybe it is found in caves or something… I’m not a scientist, but an educated guess says it’s made in a lab somewhere like the Coronavirus), so that’s why I’m thankful for the things that make up this tasty condiment. I love mayo! I put it on just about everything. Plus, it’s on the Keto diet, which I have semi-faithfully stuck to through a worldwide pandemic, and that makes me feel pretty semi-accomplished. Thank you, Mother Earth, for mayonnaise (if you grow in caves) or its ingredients (if not). 
  9. Cows. I like steaks. Big, juicy steaks. It’s on the Keto diet, too. Plus, they are sacred in India, which has no bearing on me except for that there exists a god that actually provides a tasty dinner to me. Thank you, Mother Earth, for cows.   
  10. And last, but certainly not least, Inspiration. Mother Earth, you emanate inspiration for art, for music, for adventure, for wanderlust, for creativity. Your jungles are diverse and are full of life. Your beaches erase life’s stresses. And your power is awe-inspiring, as you regain the control you allowed us to think we had for a couple centuries. Mother Earth, thank you for the inspiration you give.  

So I hope that everyone is having a happy Earth Day from the comfort of their front or back yards. Nature is pure. Nature is clean. Nature is actually one thing — perhaps the only thing — we don’t actually have to worry about touching right now.  (Except for poison wood trees. Don’t touch them for a completely different reason. And if you do, don’t touch any important body parts.) Thank you, Mother Earth, for everything. 

Mayo Rocks. Just sayin’.